Welcome Home.

So it’s been nearly a month since I moved. And, weirdly enough, I’m back in Calgary this week. But next week my Vancouver life begins – I start school on the Tuesday, working on the Friday. Back into the swing of things.

August has been a beautiful month. Sure, I’ve been broke as hell from not working, but aside from that, it’s been amazing. My roommate and I found a blackberry bush and made homemade crumble. My best friend and I stayed at a fancy hotel on our last night together before she went back to Calgary. I had coffee with an old friend from high school that reminded me how lucky I am to know such incredible people. My frozen yogurt consumption has been at an all time high, thanks to Pinkberry, Menchie’s and Qoola (why am I broke again?). I’ve reaffirmed my love for pho and sushi. My mom restored my brother’s bike for me so I’ve been riding that around. I stayed up until 7am watching Dexter and drinking overly sweetened coffee with my roommates. And so on.

Basically, I’ve been trying to keep myself busy, and it’s working. It’s been a rejuvenating summer, consider I’ve been consistently working or in school for the past eight-ish years, I’ve enjoyed the break. In lieu of any more words, here’s some photos I’ve taken over the past few weeks as I’ve settled in.



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