In a nutshell I am a twenty-something West Coast girl talking about nothing on the internet. I know, I’m so rare I’m practically a unicorn.

* * *

My name is Emma, and I’m 23 years old. I recently moved from Calgary to my hometown of Vancouver. Anyone who knows me knows that I am one of those “west coast best coast” types. I moved to Calgary as a teenager, but my heart stayed homewith the Canucks and Solly’s bagels. I will live with three of my best friends, my dog Fajita, three cats, two ferrets, and a guinea pig.

Like a good Canadian girl, I love hockey more than life itself (possibly slightly less than poutine). The Vancouver Canucks are and always will be my team, and I am an absolute homer. Sometimes I get a little chirpy, and a lot defensive. I have a love affair with the New Jersey Devils, and a soft spot for the Leafs and the Lightning. As well I follow the WHL and AHL, preferring of course the Vancouver Giants and Chicago Wolves respectively.

When hockey’s not on, I spend my time watching football. My love for American football started with the Mannings so I find myself rooting for the Indianapolis Colts first, and the New York Giants second. Of course being BC born and raised means I love the BC Lions and regard Geroy Simon as a personal hero.

At some point in my city-dwelling life I started listening to country music, which pretty much changed my life. The Calgary Stampede is essentially Christmas, Hanukkah, and my birthday rolled into one beautiful ten-day package of happiness. Nobody nowadays makes better country music than Dierks Bentley. If you haven’t listened to his album “Up on the Ridge”, you need to go do that immediately. When I’m not listening to country, I’m listening to Kanye West. I think he’s amazing and I severely judge anyone who dislikes him.

I also love horror movies, from the terribly acted teenage slasher films to “bump in the night” ghost movies and the occasional alien. Recently I have been into the surge of superhero action movies (if I told you how many times I’ve seen the Avengers, you’d judge me harshly, and rightfully so), and I have an undying appreciation for movies that give you a peak into someone’s life and end unhappily. I don’t know what this says about me, but I generally dislike happy endings.

Over the past few years I have gotten involved in social activism. I believe in acknowledging your privilege and making an effort to be as compassionate as possible. If I ever present you with a questionable idea or use problematic language, I will appreciate any reaction and will always learn from the mistake. Likewise I frequently will call people out for such things, and nothing gives me more warm fuzzies than someone realizing what is wrong with what they’ve said/done and fixing it.

My dog, Fajita, is the only man in my life right now and thankfully he is quiet, snuggly, and loves to watch sports. (Okay, he usually falls asleep on the couch, but at least he doesn’t interrupt.) He is some kind of Chihuahua cross, and he is a perfect flawfree angel.

If ever you have any interest in learning more about me, feel free to drop me a line through any medium on my contact page.


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