Things I Will Miss About Calgary.

So I move in…22 days. That is ridiculous. And although having a month free from work sounds easy, I have a lot going on. Some of my favourite and most beautiful friends are coming to town on the 10th, plus it’s Stampede, and then we go to Vancouver on the 17th and then I’m back in Calgary on the 23rd, only to leave forever on the 27th. So that’s a lot. With that said, I have spent my first few days of unemployment bumming around the house, migrating between the couch and my bed, because I feel I’ve earned it.


This photo of the big blue Alberta sky was unabashedly stolen from my roommate’s instagram.

But it’s slowly starting to hit me that I’m leaving this city – and that is sad. Calgary took me in and gave me a safe place to hide out while I dealt with all of my Vancouver problems. That sounds dramatic, but it’s not – Calgary was truly a safe zone and being here gave me the time and space to get things done. It’s been a blessing.

There’s a lot I’m going to miss about this place. Continue reading